Innovation technology

Whilst having a "right technology for the right situation" selection policy, we find it useful to have a constantly updated reference suite of best-practice software that will help enterprises accelerate their rate of evolution, de-risk technology investments, and increase the value they generate.


1. Data

Whether it be a collaborative data science platform that enables the whole data team to explore, prototype, build and deliver their own data products more efficiently, or a world class data management platform, we reach out to an ecosystem of data software providers based on our clients’ needs.


2. Performance

We’re continually on the lookout for technologies that deliver. The key is understanding what your enterprise wants to achieve and where it’s at right now. Then we can help you make the right technology choices and effectively execute so you can reap the benefits.

One clear favourite for optimising integration and the ability to leverage technology across an enterprise is Apigee, Google’s API management platform. Why? Because we’re holistic thinkers who admire flexibility. A platform and approach like this helps you innovate faster.


3. Proposition launches

Our innovation launch simulation software helps company directors, marketers and media planners understand the possibilities for getting the best return from their investment in a new product or service. This is a product we proudly call our own with a client list that includes Procter and Gamble in the USA, Fosters in the UK and Pfizer in Australia. We also cherry pick other software tools in areas such as CRM and marketing automation.


Change management

Constant innovation creates constant and complex change. Helping you master, accelerate and enjoy that change is our speciality. We select from a range of change and project management tools like Slack and Jira. They can help you reduce risk and improve engagement as the change journey progresses.

Innovation simulation

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