Innovation services

With a heat map-based diagnosis of your turning point opportunity, we'll know where to prioritise our efforts.

We partner with you to clarify functional requirements; source the right technology and technical specialists; and manage effective deployment and governance.


1. Data

Data storytelling and management for better decisions, operations and service offerings.

We help you create meaning and value from your data by developing data strategies, EIM programs, and enterprise and decision architectures that are tailored to your business.

Then we leverage the right mix of data management, data science solutions and data governance models, including Master Data Management, data platforms, BI reporting and AI. All in compliance with data privacy laws.


2. Performance

Agile, productive operations and rich customer experiences.

We fast track digital transformation by applying design thinking, user experience design and business process modelling to Information and Operational Technology like service-oriented architectures, APIs, IoT, CRM, KM, ERP and integrated websites and apps.

The result is agile enterprise architectures and products and services that are digitally connected to operations management systems. Then we support you in successfully implementing the necessary process changes.


3. Proposition design

Rewarding new offerings, launched quickly.

Using data-driven insights and technology we partner with our clients to design, launch and commercialise new propositions. That includes market repositioning and reinventing products, services and business models.


Change management

Change that works.

Change can be characterised by doubt, fear and resistance and often results in a negative result. It can, however, be energising and motivating. To achieve our innovation goals we need to all be able to clearly see and feel how great it will be when we get there so that we’re magnetically drawn to the desired result. That’s where meaningful storytelling comes to the fore.

Organisations that are good at successfully evolving are good at managing the change journey. We have an agile human-centred approach and tools for positive change.

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