Innovation services

Atapa® innovation services help enterprises accelerate their innovation journey and increase the value they generate.

Business Intelligence

Smarter decisions in compliance with GDPR.

We help you create value from your data by linking it to decision architectures specific to your business and by leveraging Master Data Management (MDM); data science solutions for all departments; and data platforms and tools like AI, IAM, CRM, data warehouses and data lakes.


Business efficiency and effectiveness; develop products; find, keep and grow more customers. It’s all linked.

A. Operational performance
- Digital transformation through technologies like ERP, CRM, SRM, AI, APIs, IoT, blockchain, simulation modelling and integrated Internet / Extranet / Intranet sites and apps for all stakeholders, anywhere.

B. Brand and product performance
- Development of brands; products; customer acquisition campaigns leveraging content marketing; sales and marketing technologies like CRM, responsive websites, SEO and SEM, Display, and social media.

Change management

Change that works.

Change can be characterised by doubt, fear and resistance and often results in a negative result. It can, however be energising and motivating. To achieve our goals we need to be able to clearly see and feel how great it will be when we get there. It’s also as much about stopping doing old things as it is starting new things.

Organisations that are good at successfully evolving are good at managing the change journey. We have a human-centred approach and tools for positive change.

I have noticed a massive improvement in the kind of work we are doing and the sales to our target market.

Kammi Rapsey - Principal, Media on Mars