Innovation services

Atapa® innovation services help enterprises accelerate their innovation journey and increase the value they generate.

Craft a great story

We speak to you and your customers, and look at your competition and your business model. Then we work with you to create a strategy and story to get you where you want to be, whether it's a successful new product or service or a step change in your business. With the right story, and informed by our innovation launch simulation tool, we create a plan on how to build and sell that story.

Tell the story well

With the story acting as the golden thread running through everything, now we work with you to source, brief and direct the right specialists as well as get your staff engaged and contributing so that your investment in innovation succeeds.

I have noticed a massive improvement in the kind of work we are doing and the sales to our target market.

Kammi Rapsey - Principal, Media on Mars

Our services within all that

With a team of specialists, and employing CX mapping and startup thinking in tandem with clients, we direct business and brand experience innovation that includes:
a. Agile product and service development and launches
b. Brand identity and 360 degree communications
c. Digital transformation through technologies like AI, simulation modelling and integrated Internet / Extranet / Intranet sites and apps for all stakeholders, anywhere
d. Client acquisition campaigns leveraging content marketing; CRM; responsive websites; SEO and SEM; Display and retargeting; Facebook; Twitter; Events; Press etc

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