Course Modules

Module 1: Change management and what-if scenarios

You are about to embark on a journey of change. This module prepares you for that journey. It also introduces the Atapa® simulation software to provide a common language for all future discussions.

Module 2: Business strategy

We discuss the key elements of a business strategy and how to improve the likelihood of it being fit for purpose.

Module 3: Brand strategy

Understand the role of branding and learn how to develop your brand strategy, which includes your compelling new brand story and effective brand architecture.

Module 4: Brand identity

Learn about the key elements of a brand identity and how to make sure it is distinctive and resonates well with your target audience.

Module 5: Brand experience development

Get the brand experience right. Find out how to develop loyalty and brand evangelists amongst your customers by examining and then improving the end to end experience you provide to them.

Module 6: Marketing strategy

In the context of the business and brand strategy, you'll learn about the levers you have available for amplifying your voice and positioning your offer for the best return and consolidating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Module 7: How effective marketing works

Learn how to source, brief and direct the right creative specialists so that you get the best return on investment. You'll also work out a useful dashboard for monitoring your success.

Module 8: Sales strategy

Understand your sales strategy options so you can determine the right structure, approach and prioritisation of effort matched to your business life cycle. You'll also learn how to end the war between sales and marketing so they get results together.

Module 9: Learning into practice

Bring all of your learning from the course into a workshop with your peers so you generate and get exposed to valuable ideas and cement your learnings for the future.

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